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Jan Review

January in Review

One of the posts I’m hoping to get back into posting regularly is my monthly round-ups, this was something I used to do way back when but keep slipping out of the habit of...


A Year In Review 2013: Pt 3 : The Music

2013 has been a another great year for going to see some great live music, so, as the year comes to a close, it’s time for a quick run down of all the great...


A Year in Review 2013 : Pt1 : Reading and Site Stats

The end of year wrap-ups. I do so love working out all the stats (even when like this year, both my reading and blogging has suffered the slumps they have) – and of course deciding on my reads of the year… then changing my mind and picking them again… and then working out just how I can bend my own rules to include everything I want…

Books of the Year 2012

Review of the Year : Pt 3 : Books of the Year

I managed to read quite a few more books in 2012 than I did in 2011, so I had plenty of cracking books to consider when making this list. 😀 While this is a top ten list, other than the book in first place the rest are listed in no particular order.