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A Year in Review 2012 : Pt 2 : Music

2012 has been a another great year for going to see some great live music, so, as the year comes to a close, it’s time for a quick run down of all the great...

November Wrap Up 1

November Wrap-Up

You may have noticed that I missed doing one of these for October… Well that was because I finished the grand total of 1 (yes that right, one!) book during that month, which other...

September Wrap Up 2

September Wrap-Up

A pretty steady month’s reading this time around, though for the first time this year, I’ve fallen slightly behind my target of 125 books for the year, I can probably make that up quite...

August Wrap-Up 1

August Wrap-Up

Well after the rather slow month in July where I only finished the three books, things got back on track in August, when I finished 11 books. I even managed to review most of...

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