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Switched by Amanda Hocking 1

Switched by Amanda Hocking Trailer

Switched by Amanda Hocking introduces the reader to Wendy Everly. She first knew she was different the day her mother tried to kill her, accusing her of having been switched at birth. Although she’s certain...

The Life and Death of Charlie St Cloud 7

The Death and Life of Charlie St Cloud by Ben Sherwood [Review]

The story revolves around the titular Charlie St Cloud, starting with the close relationship between the 15 year old Charlie and his 12 year old brother. Both good, responsible kids apart from one day, when an error of judgement by Charlie leads to a fatal accident, in which his brother perishes and Charlie barely survives.

Feature: The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden 14

Feature: The Tomorrow Series by John Marsden

It has been a while since a series has held me in its thrall, quite as much as The Tomorrow Series has done, (I’m not going to include Harry Potter here, because I read that over six years or so) there is nothing quite like finding a new series and just “having” to tear though every book as quickly as you can…