Urban Outlaws by Peter Jay Black [Review]

Urban Outlaws by Peter Jay Black


In a bunker hidden deep beneath London live five extraordinary kids: meet world-famous hacker Jack, gadget geek Charlie, free runner Slink, comms chief Obi and decoy diva Wren. They’re not just friends; they’re URBAN OUTLAWS.

They outsmart London’s crime gangs and hand out their dirty money through Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K.s). Their latest mission – hacking the bank account of criminal mastermind Del Sarto – has landed them in serious trouble. Del Sarto is going head-to-head with MI5 for control of Proteus, an advanced quantum computer able to crack any code and steal top-secret documents in nanoseconds.

It’s down to the URBAN OUTLAWS to use their guile, guts and skill to destroy Proteus, avert world domination …and stay alive.


Younger readers will eat this one up. The action explodes from the very first page! and doesn’t much let up until the last. Jack, Charlie, Slink, Obi and Wren are all strong, individual personalities that they will love. Lads will want to be Charlie and Slink, master hacker and free-runner respectively. 

Girls will definitely want to be Charlie, the gadget-guru of the team, but who is equally capable when the action heats up. All will like little Wren, the youngest and most recent member of the team, although sometimes sidelined when a mission is deemed too dangerous, she clearly has her own ideas about that!, her reactions when she is allowed, or when they team go out RAKing, will make her a favourite.

I found Obi to be the odd teen out, maybe because he is stuck back a the base a lot, his moments to shine are slightly less than the rest of the team, but when he does  get the chance, he takes it.

And what’s not to love about the secret base that they call home? Top secret, filled with the best tech, gadgets, and games, and best of all, no adults!

These are great kids, (with hearts nearly as big as the action they enjoy) who have taken the rubbish life has thrown at them, and are doing their best to make things a little better for others, but thrive on doing it underground and outside the rules.

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  • December 16 at 12:08 pm

    This looks like a fun read!

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