The Invisible Assassin: The Malichea Quest by Jim Eldridge [Review]


As a Junior Press Officer for the British government, Jake is sent to cover a ‘non-story’ – a demonstration against the construction of a laboratory on the supposed site of an ancient fairy ring.

But what Jake sees there is shocking and terrifying and leads him to investigate a clandestine organisation – the Order of Malichea. And then sinister things start happening: Jake is ‘accidentally’ pushed, almost falling under a tube train; Lauren, Jake’s ex-girlfriend, has all her notes on the Order stolen; and then Jake returns home to find a dead body in his flat and is accused of murder.

Who is trying to scare Jake? Is it the British government? Or other, more sinister agencies? Either way, Jake and Lauren must fight for their lives


This one had a lot of potential, but I’m not sure how much of a success it was. The plot certainly drew me in, and drove things along nicely. Not quite heart pounding stuff, but entertaining and occasionally quite exciting, along with some nice twisty bits to keep things interesting.

I sort of don’t know who the book is aimed at though, it feels like an mid YA-ish book to me, but the characters are around the 19/20-ish mark, and while they were mostly rounded, interesting people who I liked and all, that, there was something about them that felt off. And I think that was a lot to do with the target age group.

I don’t have a problem with older characters in YA books (I don’t subscribe to the thought that they should be a year or two older that the intended age group) but the age should be more than a number. They should feel the age they’re meant to be. What do I mean? Well, considering the main character is probably from a working class background, and 19/20ish then, when he does something stupid, or something doesn’t go his way, then he’s probably going to use a curse word a lot stronger than the “drat” he does use.

I liked the connection between ex’s Jake and Lauren you can tell they care (and maybe even love each other), but again because of their ages, (and the reason behind their split) I’d have expected a little more sexual tension between them, nothing explicit of course, but something more.

The book just didn’t seem t know whether it wanted to a mid-YA or a later-YA novel, and for me that overshadowed the, story, which I did actually enjoy.


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