The Clockwork Girl by Sean O’Reilly & Kevin Hanna [Review]

The Clockwork Girl by Sean O'Reilly & Kevin Hanna


  • Title: The Clockwork Girl
  • Author: Sean O’Reilly
  • Artist: Kevin Hanna
  • Publisher: Harper Design
  • Pages: 128
  • ISBN: 9780062080394


Two old friends and neighbours, Dendrus the Grafter and Wilhelm the Tinkerer are both scientists that had a falling out some time ago.

You see, Dendrus believes in the power of nature, and Wilhelm believes in machines and technology, both at odds with the other, they have become enemies.

When Dendrus wins the annual local science fair with his mutant boy creation, Huxley, Wilhelm is determined outdo his sworn enemy the following year.

At the next fair, Wilhelm shows off his masterpiece, “The Clockwork Girl” his creation later names herself Tesla.

When Tesla and Huxley meet-up they develop a friendship and later fall in love (although this is not a romance as such), all in secret, knowing that if their fathers found out, they would be stopped.

Of course when they do, everything Tesla and Huxley worry about happening does, and their lives might be at stake before all can be resolved.

I was first attracted to The Clockwork Girl, because of the gorgeous artwork, and it is lovely, and really shows off the characters and their quirks in a wonderful way. Each panel and page is a joy to explore.

The characters themselves are also really nice creations and come across well in the story, and Tesla and Huxley’s ‘friendship’ is sweet.

My only problem is the story. It is far too brief to do either Dedrus & Wilhelm’s or Tesla and Huxley’s story justice, the secondary characters aren’t given enough screen-time, to give them a proper reason to exist, and while they don’t get in the way, they don’t necessarily add to the story either.

With a really good book, you should always be left wanting more, but unfortunately The Clockwork Girl whilst I enjoyed what was there leaves you needing more. It almost feels like an outline, rather than the full story. Which is a real shame as I could have really loved this one.

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In a dark castle in a land far, far away, the Clockwork Girl was created by the mechanical genius of a mad scientist determined to win a prize at the town fair. Against all odds, she finds love and companionship in Huxley, the amazing mutant circus boy.

Despite the threats of their warring families, they begin to explore the world together and discover what it means to be human – to move, to think, and ultimately, to love.

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