The Bloodline Cipher by Stephen Cole [Review]

The Bloodline Cipher by Stpehen Cole

  • Title: The Bloodline Cipher
  • Author: Stephen Cole
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • ISBN: 9780747593966


Jonah and the rest of the elite team of teenage thieves have been sent on a mission by Coldhardt to retrieve an ancient grimoire. He believes it to be a magical book of the law of the dead. Something like that could fetch a very good price in the right market. But when they go in to get it, they discover another team of thieves has beaten them to it.

Even more disturbingly, this team is better trained, and better informed. It seems Coldhardt’s old mentor, a man he thought was dead, is not only very alive, but has a highly efficient rival organisation, and a devilish plan to wipe out Coldhardt.

Only the best will make it. In a thrilling adventure with brilliant plotting and fiendish twists, join Jonah faces his toughest challenge yet – but will it be his last?

The third in the series of Stephen Cole’s series about a crack team of young thieves, The Bloodline Cipher, sees Jonah Wish and his friends, Tye, Con, Motti and Patch, face their most dangerous job yet. This time out, their enigmatic leader, Nathanial Coldhardt, sends them after an ancient grimoire – a valuable artifact that could fetch a fortune in certain circles, and Coldhardt is desperate to get it, but is he more interested in the secrets rumoured to be inside, for himself, rather than making money?

They are not the only team to be after the grimoire, a rival gang always seams to be one step ahead, of them, more skilled and far far more deadly, they appear to be willing to do anything -including killing anyone who gets in their way – to beat Jonah and the rest of the gang to the secrets held within.

An adventure that will take in trips to LA, the Philippines and a visit back to the UK; an adventure that will put their very lives in danger; an adventure that will reveal secrets about Coldhardt, that he has kept hidden for many years. Will Coldhardt sell them out to get his hands on the artifact? What is his connection to Heidel, a man apparently back from the dead and why do all the answers point straight back to Coldhardt himself?


In The Bloodline Cipher, Stephen Cole, once again populates his book with well rounded likable good guys who will do anything to protect their “family” who develop and grow throughout the story, and proper bad guys who will stop at nothing for revenge. It all adds up to a cracking tale that’ll keep you turning the pages right to the end.

One thing is for certain, nothing for Johan, Motti, Tye, Con and Patch, will be the same once this adventure is over.

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7 thoughts on “The Bloodline Cipher by Stephen Cole [Review]

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  • May 19 at 9:48 pm

    I loved the other two, but was a little disappointed in the lack of romance between Con and Motti in “The Aztec Code.” I hope there is some in “The Bloodline Cipher”.

  • May 19 at 9:47 pm

    Is there anymore romance between Con and Motti in the third one? I have taken an extreme liking to the idea of those two being together. Please someone tell me!!!

  • August 9 at 1:46 pm

    OMG i really wanna read this book! I havent seen it in ANY libraries, and i have no money!!!!!! Gah this is so annoying!! D:
    Can you read it online???!

    • August 11 at 5:47 pm

      It’s a really fun book! You need to speak to your librarian. Cole is pretty ubiquitous in my local ones, perhaps yours can do an inter-library loan if they don’t have it in their system.

  • November 2 at 6:01 pm

    I love this book so much as well as Theives Like Us and The Aztec Code!!! I loe these bokks and I am forever re-reading them!! lol

  • October 20 at 9:40 pm

    I enjoyed this Book. =)
    i’m reading it for my Higher Exam.
    and I’m recommending it to EVERYONE!
    such a great page turner..
    (would you belive this is the only book that i’ve properly finished.. and enjoyed every minute of it) =)

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