TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow [Review]

BookCoverofTimeridersbyAlexScarrow[1]“Take my hand…”

Ankle deep in water, Liam O’Connor is trying to make passageway the passageway is clear of passengers, when he comes across Foster. The man gives him a choice to stay and die, or to leave and live. Moments after Liam takes the man’s hand, the ship breaks in half, and the Titanic begins it’s slide to the ocean bed.

When he next wakes Liam finds he’s not the only one saved moments before death. Foster has recruited two others, an older girl Maddie claims to be from 2010 and a younger girl, Sal, from 2026, over the next few days the trio learn that they have been recruited as TimeRiders a secret organisation set up as some point in the future, to police the timestream, and fix broken history.

You can tell that Scarrow has a background in the creation of video games, and it’s very easy to imagine a game based around this book. Whether that is a good thing or not depends on your perspective I suppose, however it is perfect for the young teenage boys this is aimed at.

That’s not to say it has been dumbed down at all, the alternative history Scarrow creates, is pretty intelligently handled and works on the premise that, the change wrought in the timestream means Hitler focus’ his attentions on the western front and not Russia. This (and admittedly access to more advanced weapons than he should really have access to) leads to a far different outcome to the war, and a military push all the way to the USA.

Liam and his new friends find themselves thrown into action, far earlier than they were expecting, Liam must travel into the past to discover what went wrong and when, while Foster, Maddie and Sal must battle though the changes the future, just to be able to bring Liam back.

Sounds exciting, yes? and for the most part it is. But this (for me at least) is one of those occasions where a lot of things happen, and yet not a lot happens either. The two separate adventures (Liam’s and the team’s) are nicely handled, and edge of your seat stuff, but a few more sub-plots and twists intermingled amongst the action could have elevated this one to a really great read.

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8 thoughts on “TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow [Review]

  • April 5 at 9:50 am

    Hi Darren, thanks for the review. I know you weren’t over-awed by book 1, but this whole 9 book series is designed to have a narrative arc. So, oh yes….the plot thickens as we progress.

    More importantly, the characters grow. To me that’s the most important thing in a book, the characters. Plot is merely a device to set characters in motion.

    Anyway, thanks again for reviewing it 🙂

    all the best

    Alex Scarrow (author – TimeRiders)

    • April 5 at 7:42 pm

      Hi Alex,

      I may well come back to the series one day, as I know those that love it. I am eagerly awaiting the next few in the Ellie Quinn series though! 😀


  • March 15 at 12:22 pm

    I cannot decide whether this sounds interesting enough to read (I love time travel and the fact that the Titanic is mentioned adds to the charm) or not (since you seem less than enchanted with it). Decisions, decisions…
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak =-.

    • March 17 at 8:18 pm

      The Titanic only makes an appearance for the first few pages. 🙁 It’s not a bad read, just okay, so probably worth your while, should you come across it!

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