The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine by April Lurie [Review]

The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine by April LurieWith reviews like this one from Chris of Stuff as Dreams are Made on, how could I not pick this one up? And I seriously needed this book!

For the last few weeks I’ve been in a serious reading slump, and for even longer than that, whilst I’ve read some brilliant books, it’s been a while since one kept me up late, demanding to be read. (Not withstanding, Monsters of Men, but that goes without saying!)

The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine certainly did that, 😀 and in the process it became my first one sitting read this year (inc some sub 100 page books)

Dylan Fontaine’s life is slowly falling apart, his mother has left home, he’s no longer talking to his best friend Angie, his brother Randy is going off the rails, and he’s just been arrested for shoplifting two pairs underpants and possession of marijuana.

The thing is, Dylan is decent guy and it’s only an unusual set of circumstances that lead to his arrest.

Two girls start to help Dylan drag his world back under some control. Chloe, a new singer in his brother’s band, begins to have a positive impression on Randy, and also helps Dylan himself gain some confidence. Then Angie, his best friend returns asking for his help in making a film.

As Dylan tries to sort out the mess that is his life, the production of the Angie’s film, ends up teaching Dylan much about himself, and how others (but more importantly, Angie) feel about him.

There is lot’s of humour in the book, and because all the characters are decent people and despite their flaws and misdemeanours, you do root for them all, and enjoy their banter and interactions.

The main story is not one that breaks lots of new ground, and I guess it’s not meant to. However (and this is a massive, however!), it is such a likeable story that you really don’t care :), and there are a couple of sub-plots keeping a note of unpredictability and interest going.

It goes without saying, the book has a happy ending, but it’s not a perfect Hollywood one, there is still a lot of work, ahead for Dylan and his family to make sure they don’t start slipping back, but they are on the right road and have Dylan to thank for it.

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