Mouse Guard Winter 1152 by David Petersen [Review]


The autumn of 1152 has left the Mouse Territories and Lockhaven badly prepared for winter and the Guard’s finest has been sent out to gather supplies and medicine from the mouse villages as well as extent invitations to its leaders for a summit.

Meanwhile, Kenzie’s group gets split up on their way back to Lockhaven with the precious medicine that the Guard so desperately needs.

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David Petersen Mouse Guard Winter 1152 b

David Petersen Mouse Guard Winter 1152 b

I’ve been waiting for ages to get this one! I loved the first in the series when I read it back in 2008.

This volume, as the cold of winter begins to bite, sees our heroes face even greater and darker dangers than before. None more so, than Lieam, who really comes in to his own, as he takes a much large foe than himself.

David Petersen Mouse Guard Winter 1152 b While the guard fight against the odds to return to the safety of Lockhaven. But with a traitor  hatching a dark plot at the heart of their home, will they return in time and what will be left when they get there?

I hate to damn the plot, by saying it’s only serviceable, because it’s David Petersen Mouse Guard Winter 1152 bcertainly better than that. In fact, it’s a pretty exciting read, and builds nicely on the themes of honour and courage whilst still maintain the charm that began in the first volume.  But for me, the story in a Mouse Guard book, is mainly something to hang the gorgeous artwork around, and once again Petersen has produced some stunning illustrations!

And maybe it the artwork was a little less plain, the story stories strengths would be allowed to shine a little more, but it’s a nice problem to have. 😉

Another really great volume, and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the next volume, Black Axe.

David Petersen Mouse Guard Winter 1152 c

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