Divergent by Veronica Roth [Review]

This review was first posted on 8th April, 2011. Look out for my review of the sequel, Insurgent, on Thursday.

Sixteen-year-old Beatrice (or Tris) is about to make a choice that will effect the rest of her life, once a year, every one of her age must decide which of the city’s factions they want to join.

There’s: Abnegation, Beatrice’s current faction, Dauntless, Amity, Candor and Erudite. Each faction favours one character trait: selflessness, courage, peace, honesty and knowledge.

Once made, it’s a choice that will change your life for ever, as should you choose a faction outside of your current one, it is unlikely that you will see your friends and family very often, again.

To help make the choice, the teenagers take a test in the days before the ceremony, the results of which will suggest, which faction may best suit you. However the final choice is up to you.

Beatrice’s test produces a result that could put her life at risk, she is a Divergent. Someone who is equally suited to more than one faction. Divergents are viewed as dangerous and with much distrust, so many are killed when if their secret is revealed.

The book follows Tris’ training as she joins Dauntless. It’s harsh training as well, entry to the Dauntless are is made by stepping off the roof of one of the city’s many tall buildings!

As training progresses, Tris discovers much about herself and what being a Divergent means, and uncovers a plot that pit faction against faction, and bring all-out war to the city.

Roth, does a fantastic job of making you turn the pages, with exciting action sequences and building the suspense bit by bit. She doesn’t hold back on the violence either, while keeping it realistic and the right side of over-the-top. Essentially if you would expect an event to be violent and bloody, then it is. It certainly makes for an exciting read!

A couple of characters are somewhat stereotypical, but those that matter, are rounded individuals, that will have you rooting for them – or not 😉 – and cheering their successes – including a little romance – yet are still capable of surprising you.

All-in-all a five-star read, that maybe doesn’t quite reach the heights of The Hunger Games, or Chaos Walking trilogies. But then again not much does.

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My copy of Divergent was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

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