All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman [Review]

  • Book Cover of All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew KaufmanTitle: All My Friends are Superheroes
  • Author: Andrew Kaufman
  • Publisher: Telegram Books
  • ISBN: 9781846590009

Sometimes, you don’t quite know why a book appeared on your radar, but you are incredibly glad it did. This is one such book.

When I spotted it in Waterstones the other day whilst browsing and waiting for my bus, the only things I knew about it were that the plot seemed delightful and that I had a vague recollection of seeing it on one of your blogs. It turns out it was this post on Rob’s blog and it isn’t even a review! Still. Wander over to the cash-point with a crisp note and some change I did, and moments later it was mine! 😀

As I said, I am incredibly glad I found this book and bought it home. It’s only a short book at just over 100 pages, but every one of those 100 pages is an utter delight to read.

The plot’s execution is both wonderfully daft, and at the same time fantastically sweet.

We follow Tom, who at the start is a fairly ordinary pool-guy. One day whist at work he comes across The Amphibian, a superhero who Tom finds trapped at the bottom of the pool he is cleaning, and helps to free.

Very easily, the two become fast friends and The Amphibian invites Tom to all the very best (and some of the not-so-best) superhero parties.

Tom, being the only ‘normal’ at the gatherings, finds himself to be a popular person, at these events, and he quickly makes more friends and even finds himself a superhero girlfriend or two! The last of whom is, The Perfectionist, who it turns out is Tom’s true-love, and even better, he, is hers. However, The Perfectionist has a jealous ex. Hypno.

During the party after Tom and The Perfectionist’s wedding, Hypo uses his superpowers to convince The Perfectionist that Tom is invisible to her (and her alone, all their friends can see him). Six months later and convinced that Tom is never coming back; she leaves town, and Tom has until her plane lands, to convince her he exists once more.

My favourite scene, is one where Tom has his broken heart diagnosed and operated on, it is just brilliant, and a part of the book you must not miss! (and one I won’t spoil for you my quoting here) 🙂

All My Families are Superheroes is an utter treasure of a book, go get yourself a copy. Right. Now. 😀

Buy: All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman

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