A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (from an idea by Siobhan Dowd) [Review]

And that, the monster said, is the truth.

Patrick Ness is a menace. 😉 Rarely has an author so consistently screwed with my emotions as he does. I’m writing this review barely an hour after finishing the book, and I’m a bit of a mess, so if parts of this review are incoherent, then blame him:

So, I think I’ll start by talking about something easy. This is a gorgeous book. Everything about it, shows the love the publisher, Walker Books, have lavished on it. The stunning artwork by  Jim Kay, that graces the cover, continues throughout the book, with double-page artwork, images behind the text, wrapping around the text… The strength of Ness’ writing is such that, it’d be an emotionally wrought experience reading the book, with or without Jim Kay’s art.

But with it, boy, is it something else.

I really want to tell you everything about this one, about every little nuance. About how it delivers everything you were expecting, and yet so much more.  About how it takes, what you were expecting, throws it aways and delivers something else entirely.

But, really, it’s best to experience it for yourself, because everyone will experience it differently and form their own opinions as to who or what the monster is.

Still, for those who don’t know much about it. The book features, Connor O’Malley, recently turned thirteen and has had a pretty crappy year. His mother is seriously ill, and he’s being bullied at school. With his father living in America with his new family. Connor’s finding it difficult to cope. And then one night the monster turns up, wanting the scariest thing of all. The truth.

I said at the start, Patrick Ness is a menace, and if he continues to write books as good as this, then long may continue to be so, ‘cos I’ll be there, emotions ready to be shredded.

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