13 Little Blue Envelopes [Audiobook] by Maureen Johnson [Review]

Well I hard;y think I’m the first person to review this one, so I think most people know, what the book is about, so I’ll keep the re-cap brief. 🙂 When Ginny’s aunt dies, she leaves her niece the titular 13 Little Blue Envelopes. These envelopes take Ginny across the Atlantic to London, and then on though Europe.

So, I had no idea on what to spend my Audible credit last month, until this one popped up on-screen. Looking for something light, frothy and fun, I decided it’d be the perfect choice.

Thankfully, it provided nearly all of what I was looking for. Ginny is a pretty likable character and watching her grow though the challenges her aunt’s envelopes create, and the realisation that she is a lot more capable and resourceful than she though, is a tonne of fun. 😀 (and lets face it, something that her aunt already knew, hence the envelopes!)

There are moments when credibility is stretched, but if you’re going to enter this kind of book with that mind-set, then you deserve not to enjoy it! 😉 This is a book to escape reality for a while, and enjoy yourself. 😀

And I certainly did.

The narrator, Emily Durante, does a great job with Ginny’s voice, unfortunately her male voices and particularly her Scottish accents, just don’t work. 🙁 Which was a shame as it kept pulling me out of the story, until I got used to them and was able to ignore them for the most part.

I will be

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