Mind The Gap by Phil Earle

Mind The Gap | Phil Earle | Barrington Stoke | Jan 2017

About the Book

When Mikey’s dad died, something in Mikey died too. He loved his old man and he never stopped dreaming that one day his dad would land the role of a lifetime and come back to the estate in the flashiest car anyone had ever seen.

Now there’s just numbness, and not caring, and really, really stupid decisions. He says the worst of it is that he can’t even remember his dad’s voice any more.

Eventually, Mikey’s best mate can’t bear it any more, and so he sets out to give Mikey the memories – and his dad’s voice – back. Inspired by a true story.

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Mikey has not been Mikey ever since his dad died, and his best mate can’t stand it anymore. He’s going to everything he can to bring him back.

That starts by standing by him, no matter what. Even if that means getting the stuffing beaten out of them. For no other reason than Mikey seems to think that pitting himself against the estate bully is a good idea.

Not able to drag himself out of the mire of grief he is in, it is one of the few times Mikey has ‘felt’ anything in months. Knowing something needs to give before Mikey pushes the bully into more than just a beating. His best mate sets out, to try and give Mikey something of his dad back.

Mikey and his best mate are wonderful characters. Proof that just because they live at the arse end of a rough estate. It doesn’t mean they are condemned to be the pair of little shits, that certain UK newspapers *cough*Daily Mail*cough*) would have you believe.

Mind the Gap is a powerful look at grief and an utterly fantastic ode to friendship.

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2 thoughts on “Mind The Gap by Phil Earle

  • January 28 at 6:40 pm

    I just received this for review consideration this week – I’m bumping it straight up the pile! Thanks for linking up to the British Books Challenge x

  • January 28 at 12:42 pm

    I’ve loved Phil Earle’s previous novels Darren. Haven’t been around much on social media so missed this!

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