Midnighters#1 The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

The halls of Bixby High School were always hideously bright on the first day of school.

This was my on-plane read for my recent little weekend jaunt to Spain, and it turned out to be a perfect, fun, little read.

The only other book I’ve read by Scott Westerfeld before this was, Parasite Positive/Peeps, and I’m happy to report that while not quite as good as that one, I think he is going to be one of those authors I always enjoy.

Jessica Day, is the new girl in town having just moved to Bixby, Oklahoma from Chicago, with her family. She soon settles in to school, and all seems normal. Then one night she ‘dreams’ about running though what appears to be frozen rain. (And I don’t meen ice! This is as if someone has pushed the pause button on the rain). But when she wakes up the next morning, her clothes are soaking wet.

Around the same time she is sought out by “The Midnighters” – Dess, Melissa and Rex, nice enough folk, but generally thought of as outsiders in the school.

It is they whoever, who explain about The Midnighters, those people who were born at exactly midnight, and who experience an extra hour in every day, a time when the rest of the world, just freezes. Jessica, soon discovers that this hour can be filled with fun (and romance), but it also, filled with Darklings and Slithers, and they, sense in Jessica, something that scares them enough to try and do something about it.

The race is on, to discover, exactly what power Jessica wields that worries them so. It all builds to a decent entertaining climax, that completes this part of the story and it would work fine as stand-alone novel, because of this.

There are questions left unanswered however (or even unasked) for example, what had happened to the previous generations of midnighters? We only meet Jessica and her friends, is it a skill that disappears with age? Or has something happened to them in the past? Or does Westafeld just chose to ignore the fact and concentrate on the current crop?

There is also much more to be learned about Johnathon, Dess, Melissa and Rex and their histories, and what part they have to play in the upcoming weeks and months

There are two more books in the series, and I’ve got them on hold at the library, so hopefully it won’t be long until I find out.

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