The Guardians (The Lost Realm #1) by K.L. Penington [Review]

  • The Guardians by KL PeningtonTitle: The Guardians (The Lost Realm #1)
  • Author: K.L. Penington
  • Publisher: Limitless Publishing
  • ISBN: 1492156485


When sixteen-year-old twins Emma and Evin LeFay are suddenly forced to pack their belongings after the tragic murder of their mother, they soon find that the busy city life of Boston, Massachusetts is more than they could have expected…

First are the two mysterious boys that Emma crosses paths with one night, after being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She thought she’d escaped them without getting caught, but it soon becomes apparent to her and Evin after a series of strange events that someone–or rather, several people–seem to be following them.

It’s after a close-run in with a group of menacing creatures, and the sudden aid of the same strange people who have been following them that Emma and Evin quickly realize there is more to Boston than skyscrapers and noisy cars.

Left with no other options and seeking the truth behind their mother’s murder, Emma and Evin accompany their saviors to a place known as Hawthorne Academy. It’s here that the twins soon learn they are part of a supernatural race with rare abilities, known as Dracons, one Otherworld race amongst four other paranormal races that have lived in disguise as humans for centuries.

Being part of an Otherworld race has its drawbacks, however, when Emma and Evin are enrolled for training at Hawthorne after a heated meeting with the Otherworld Council and its leaders. It’s either sink or swim for these Otherworldly twins as they train at the academy and learn to control their unique gifts.

Convinced life couldn’t get much more bizarre, Emma and Evin discover a mysterious archway leading to an entirely different realm that has been lost over time. It’s in this Lost Realm and the Celestial kingdom of Evmurah that the twins are dubbed the Guardians of the Realms, protectors of both the Mortal and Immortal Realms.

It’s Emma and Evin’s job to protect both realms from the darkness that taints them and the mysterious Precursor that seems to want them dead.


I blame the weather myself… One day over the Christmas break I had every intention of going into town to do a bit of sales browsing, perhaps nip in to Waterstones, you know, seeing as I was there…

Only, it decided to throw it down, so I decided to stay dry and took to Amazon instead, and ended up buying a bunch of kindle books that were reduced in price one of which was The Guardians by K.L. Penington

It looked to have some very favourable reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and along with what looked like an intriguing plot (though I do think the official synopsis makes it sound overly convoluted, and could do with paring down some) which is led by sibling main characters it looked like just the thing to read over the break.

It’s maybe not quite as good as some of the reviews suggest. But you know what, it was one of my favourite books I read in December, and there is plenty to recommend The Guardians by K.L. Penington.

I really liked the fact that the two main characters were siblings and siblings who clearly cared for each other, it made a really refreshing change and pushed the focus of the story in different ways to the norm. For instance, whilst there is some romance involved for each of them  it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of the story, and allows the author to show the development of them from different POV’s other than the two most involved

There’s plenty to Emma and Evin as well, for example we first meet Emma incarcerated in the institution she’s been in since death of her mother in horrifying circumstances and she despite turning things around once she gets out, mainly because what she claims to have seen, turns out to be true. it still has affects on her actions.

There’s a whole bunch of characters to meet in addition to Evin and Emma once they get to the Academy and it makes for a great ensemble with an entertaining sense of camaraderie with plenty of banter and a realistic sense of history to the existing friendships.

I still think that even though I found it intriguing enough to download the book, the official synopsis does the book no justice, it makes the story seem a bit more convoluted than it actually is, (it actually flows really well and more than a little gripping). It also possibly reveals too much of what is in store for Emma, Evin & co, my enjoyment of the story would have been even greater with a bit more mystery about upcoming events.

However, I really enjoyed the couple of days I spent in Emma and Evin LeFay’s world and lives, and when finished I went straight back to Amazon to download the sequel.

Buy: The Guardians (The Lost Realm – Book 1)

2 thoughts on “The Guardians (The Lost Realm #1) by K.L. Penington [Review]

  • January 3 at 11:55 pm

    I bought so many e-books in December. Stupid sales. haha. I did not get this one. I am surprised. 🙂

    • January 5 at 9:42 am

      Yeah, I had to exert some control or I’d have bought loads more!

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