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image Okay, so maybe the story doesn’t really fit any of the R.I.P. IV categories… But just tell me doesn’t the above image doesn’t just suit the feeling of this time of year perfectly anyway? So, because it sets the mood wonderfully, I’m going to to call this one the first of my associated reads! 😉

I actually got this one out of the library weeks ago, but even Nymeth’s review of the book didn’t make me get off my backside and read it, however, this last weekend I happened to pick it up and start leafing though it.

:01’s presentation of their graphic novels is once again absolutely gorgeous.

The story itself isn’t the most always compelling I’ve come across, simply telling the story of a fire-fighter and an illegal immigrant worker from Mexico, during a huge storm in Kentucky.

The two meet when lightning strikes the barn Rafi is living and working in, starting a fire that Ursa and her team arrive to fight.

Ursa, finds him hiding in the back of a truck, when she stays back after the fire is out to make sure it is truly extinguished and not about to re-ignite.

Discovered and scared of being found out, he attempts to run, not trusting her offer to help, she eventually comes across him again, and she eventually convinces Rafi to come to her home and rest up.

Whilst there they end up talking about their lives and personal histories.

When the story is told by images alone, the layout, and water colour artwork combines to create some really powerful storytelling, but when the story is told with words, I found then to be slightly fractured, and could have flowed better.

Still, I enjoyed the novel as a whole and from the image I chose to open the post and the book’s cover, I’m sure it probably comes as no surprise that the book is wonderfully atmospheric. It’s not just the atmosphere though, there are also some lovely moments between Ursa and Rafi as they connect for those few hours during and and after the storm.

I do feel however that the story was a few short tweaks away from really matching up to the at times breathtaking artwork.

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