Earthfall: Retribution by Mark Walden

Earth Fall Retribution


It’s been several months since the events of Earthfall, yet Sam’s attempts to rouse the enslaved people of London from their trance-like state have frustratingly failed. Worse still, the enormous Voidborn drilling device which Sam and his friends disabled in London was one of hundreds scattered across the planet, all nearing the final stages of construction.

Joining up with another resistance group, they plot to disable a drilling machine in Tokyo and in the process implant viral commands that will cause a catastrophic failure of the entire network. Just as that mission appears to have been successful, Sam and the others are double-crossed by the resistance leader. Earthfall: Retribution will take the series on to a global stage, as the true scale of the conflict being played out on Earth is revealed.


I absolutely loved Mark Walden’s Earthfall when I read it back in 2012, so I was really excited when the sequel dropped though my letterbox last year, and had all intentions of reading it before the release date in August. So, yeah that happened…

The good news is now I have read it, it is every bit as enjoyable at the first book in the series, and then some! Mark Walden ramps up the scale in Earthfall: Retribution, taking us out of London and showing us the wider war. It’s not just Sam, Rachael and their friends personal fight now, we meet a few new characters from both sides.

These new characters and some great revelations and twists Mark Walden throws into the mix, do a really great job of making Earthfall: Retribution both a cracking read in its own right, and setting up the next one, as a book you’ll want straight away!

That said, and while doing my best not to spoil anyone who has not read this one yet, there’s an event towards the end, that had me staring at the page in disbelief. Mark Walden, how could you???

My copy of Earthfall: Retribution was provided by the publisher for review purposes

One thought on “Earthfall: Retribution by Mark Walden

  • March 18 at 1:47 pm

    I missed your original review of Earthfall, so I just went back and read it. I’d never even heard of these books. But they totally sound like something I’d love! I swear you introduce me to the most suspenseful, exciting sounding sort of YA! So thank you!

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