The Dreaming Place ~ Charles De Lint

This book represent the first of my July Book Blowout challenge reads.

I’d not heard of De Lint before, but I came across a review of some of his books, over at Quixotical and I was intrigued enough to go and try find some of his work to read myself, and considering the focus of Quixotic’s reviews I thought the Newford books would be as good a place to start as any.

First to drop on my doorstep was The Dreaming Place, a young adult novel and the first in the series (although I believe De Lint actually recommends to read this second, after Dreams Underfoot: The Newford Collection.)

So, was it worth, digging out this new author? I think so. Just.

Nina, constantly finds her dreams interrupted, suddenly dreaming that she not only looking through the eyes of an animal, but finding herself <em>part</em> of that animal.

Her cousin, Ash, a grieving young woman locked in rage is seeking magic to fill a void.

We learn that Nina is being stalked by an otherworldly demon, and it is Ash who must overcome her own anger to learn the full power of magic, and save the faerie realm and her cousin.

I really wanted to enjoy this book and fall in love with the characters, as De Lint appears to be just the kind of author I’d enjoy, but all I can say is I did like the book, but nothing more than that really, it certainly had potential but it never seemed to quite catch hold and while the characters were very likable, particularly Cassie and Nina, I couldn’t bring myself to love them like I wanted to.

All in all a decent read, but I do feel it could have been so much better.

Has it put me off De Lint’s work? Not in the least. I’ve got a compendium and one of his longer Newford novels on the way, and there was enough evidence there to suggest that when I hit the right book I will fall in love with his writing and start to eat up anything I can find of his. 😀

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