Re-Gifters ~ Mike Carey, Sonny Liew & Marc Hempel

Grabbed this one, as part of my recent graphic novels kick. I was in a bit of a lunchtime rush, picked it up, flicked through a page or two, thought it looked ok, it was on sale, and that, they say, was that.

Anyway, turned out to be a happy random grab as it happens, as Re-gifters, is a decent and fun read. Following, Jen Dik Seong, (or “Dixie to her friends). She lives on the ragged edge of LA’s Koreatown, and finds her only outlet in the ancient martial art of hapkido. A sport she happens to be very good at – in fact she’s a favourite for an upcoming championship! Until that is, she falls for surfer-boy and fellow hapkido fan, Adam, this event throws her spectacularly off her game.

As she struggles to win the tournament, and Adam’s affections, Dixie learns that in love and gift-giving, what goes around, comes around.

DC launched the Minx range last year and aimed it squarely at the teenage girls market, (not something I noticed in my lunchtime rush to grab a book, although you’d have thought the pink cover gave it away! 😉 ) and while I can see that they’d definitely enjoy the book, I’m not ashamed to say I did too.

The pages are packed with fun characters you can’t help but like and who feel both fully developed and well rounded, a fun story with a satisfying ending, and fun energetic artwork which really helps to drive the story forwards and draw your eye as to what is going on, and it’s short, you’ll breeze through it in no time at all, and if you don’t finish this immensely fun book with a smile on your face, then you need help, you really do! 😀

Oh, did I mention it was a lot of fun? 😀

Buy: Re-gifters: A MINX Title from Amazon.

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