Old Magic by Marianne Curley

old magic

His name is Jarrod Thornton.

I was sure one of you was responsible for this book ending up on my shelves, but despite some investigations, I can’t find the culprit, so it’s possible that I just came across it on Library Thing, so no Bad Bloggers points to be handed out this time!

Her name is Kate, abandoned by her mother when she was young, and she lives in Ashpeak, with her grandmother Jillian, they live on the outskirts of the small town. They are also witches.

His name is Jarrod Thornton and he is completely unaware of his amazing gift, the fact that he has magical powers, his clumsy nature, and apparently cursed life belies this fact.

Despite his denials, Kate knows it to be true, and can sense the power inside him, and does her best to convince him that the strange atmospheric events that seem to follow him around are proof. When he meets Kate’s grandmother, who realises that, Jarrod and his family are indeed suffering under an ancient curse, his first reaction is to shun them as much as possible.

Events conspire to force his hand and he realises that before his life, along with the lives of his parents and little brother, can become happy, peaceful and free of the troubles that have plagued them, he needs to accept the curse and do something about it.

Kate and Jarrod find themselves in a time hundreds of years old, and very very far from home pitched in the greatest battle of their lives, and if they are to return safely home, Jarrod must learn to use his gift.

Told in semi-alternating chapters each one narrated by either Jarrod or Kate, we learn about their adventures and more about the two of them, this works really well and helps maintain a sprightly pace that keeps the pages turning (you want to learn what the other feels or thinks about what is happening.

Both of the main characters are mostly likeable, although Kate’s persistence in pushing Jarrod to accept the truth before he is ready, does want to make you want to knock some sense into her. 😉

Certainly worth the read if you come across a copy.

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