Emilie and the Sky World by Martha Wells [Review]

Emilie and Daniel arrive in Silk Harbor, Professor Abindon, an old colleague of the Marlendes, warns them that she’s observed something strange and potentially deadly in the sky, a disruption in an upper air aether current. But as the Marlendes investigate further, they realize it’s a ship from another aetheric plane. It may be just a friendly explorer, or something far more sinister, but they will have to take an airship into the dangerous air currents to find out.

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The Eye of Zoltar by Jasper Fforde [Review]

The Mighty Shandar, the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen, returns to the Ununited Kingdoms. Clearly, he didn’t solve the Dragon Problem, and must hand over his fee: eighteen dray-weights of gold.

But the Mighty Shandar doesn’t do refunds, and vows to eliminate the dragons once and for all – unless sixteen-year-old Jennifer Strange and her sidekicks from the Kazam house of enchantment can bring him the legendary jewel, The Eye of Zoltar.

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Banished by Liz de Jager [Review]

Disclaimer to start with. I’ve known Liz from her blog and twitter for a few years, indeed I have had the honour of guest posting in the past on My Favourite Books, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her at various blogging meet ups, so you could rightly say, I was pre-disposed to want to like Banished, even before I read the first word. And like it I did. That said, I hope I can make this review as honest as possible and highlight what I liked about it for the right reasons!

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