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Hello and welcome Readathoners to the Hour 17 Mini-Challenge!** Hopefully you are all still going strong with your reading, cheerleading, & blogging etc! and I bet you are just about ready for another short time-out.

This mini challenge as those who took part in the April Readathon earlier this year may remember, is to convey the four seasons in four book covers, by colour, title, author, cover, or something a little less obvious. Just arrange your covers, snap a photo and then upload it.

You can the link to it here in the comments or tag it on Tumblr, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #minichallenge4S. Check out my examples below for some ideas to inspire you (hopefully!).

I’ll hold it open until hour 19 and then I’ll pick a winner, who will get a book to the value of £10 from (Please click on the link to make sure they deliver to your country!)

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This challenge is now closed.

** I’ve set this to post well before the hour 17 mark so I can make sure it is live and make sure there are no issues, as I am likely not about (i.e. asleep) at the allotted time, so if you’ve come across this early a) don’t worry, you’ve not managed to lose a few hours, and b) feel free to enter early if you like!

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