My Read-a-thon Mini Challenge!

Welcome Read-a-Thoners to my Mini Challenge! Hope your reading is going great, we’re still early on so you should be full of energy! But that is no reason why you should not take a quick break to pace yourself and spend a few minutes taking part in a fun competition!

Just a warning, I recommended you limit yourself to five or ten minutes for this, because as I discovered, when I was creating my example, it’s very, very easy to waste more time than you were planning to perfecting it!

But, what am I talking about I hear you ask? 😉

Quite simple really, I want you to pull three or four books off of your bookshelves and use them to form a sentence, from the book titles, take a photograph and upload it somewhere you can link to it from. (ie: your blog, photobox, flickr etc… etc…) Come back and post a link to your blog post or photo in the comments section.

The challenge is open for two hours, and later in the readathon I’ll post all the entries and a poll to decide the winner.

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Well here is my example:

A big boy did it, eleven minutes after dark.

Which would obviously make my entry (and my comment):

A big boy did it and ran away, eleven minutes after dark.


A big boy did it and ran away, eleven minutes after dark.

The winner will be able to choose a book from the official prize list AND a set of limited edition UK stamps (literary; notes by Neil Gaiman)!

So there you go, over to you. Don’t forget to have fun and then get back to your reading and cheerleading!

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