Saturday Soundtrack

Saturday Soundtrack

So, with Record Store Day coming up later this month, I’ve felt inspired today to share some of the music new and not so new I’ve been listening to recently.

Today’s theme is going to have a bit of a post-rock feel to it.

Saturday Soundtrack

I’ve been listening to post-rock music for years, but God Is An Astronaut is a band that have mostly passed be by, until I was seduced by some shiny blue vinyl a few months back. I played a track from this album last month at the Record Club I go to and I know at least two people went out to buy a copy the following week.

Russian Circles are another band that have been around a while, but I have not heard of until recently (last few weeks in this case), I was was sold within seconds of this track of their recent Memorial album. Love the intensity of this one.

God Speed You! Black Emperor were the first proponents of post-rock music I came across over ten years ago, and I’ve seen them live twice now. They have a new new album out this week, so of course I’ve been listening to it!

What music is providing your soundtrack today?

One thought on “Saturday Soundtrack

  • April 4 at 5:57 pm

    Love Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend, one of my favorite albums to have on repeat, even though my wife isn’t a big fan) and I keep forgetting about Russian Circles. I’ll have to check them out too.

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