Five Fave Scenes in Mystery at the Ice Hotel By Sara Grant

Mystery at the Ice Hotel

I’m excited today to welcome the wonderful Sara Grant to the blog, to share some of her favourite scenes from Mystery at the Ice Hotel the second book in the Chasing Danger series.

Thanks for taking a part in the Chasing Danger blog tour to celebrate the publication of Mystery at the Ice Hotel – the second book in the series!

I had a blast writing the action and adventure for Mystery at the Ice Hotel. It’d difficult to share my favourite scenes without spoiling the drama in the book, but I’ll do my best.

1. Runaway Dog Sled

I like to start each book with a bang. By the end of chapter one, my 14-year-old heroes – Chase and Mackenzie – are headed for an icy crash if they can’t figure out a way to control their runaway dog sled.

2. Deadly Ice Cube

If you set your mystery at an ice hotel then I think you are obligated to have at least one dead body discovered in a block of ice. If you agree, Mystery at the Ice Hotel won’t disappoint.

3. Cracking the Ice Maze 

Much of the setting of the second Chasing Danger book was inspired by my trip to the Ice Hotel. It is a magical place with an amazing chapel, hotel and sculptures made of ice. The ice maze is a figment of my imagination, but wouldn’t it be cool (pun intended!). And if you have a maze of ice you certainly need to have a scene where your baddies are trying to find the goodies in the twist, turns and deadends of the ice maze.

4. Snow Mobile Chase

Yep, there’s a snow mobile chase through the icy tundra of the Arctic Circle – which may or may not include jetting across a frozen – or is it? – lake.

5. Catching the Killer!

And the best scene in any mystery is the moment when your heroes catch the baddie. When I read a mystery I like to play detective and try to solve the mystery before the protagonist. I hope my readers enjoy reading the ending of Mystery at the Ice Hotel as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Perhaps I’ve given away too much. I hope you’ll read all the scenes in the book! Happy detecting!


About Sara and Her Books

Sara writes and edits fiction for children and teens. Her new series Chasing Danger is an action-adventure series for tweens. Dark Parties, her first young adult novel, won the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Crystal Kite Award for Europe. As a freelance editor of series fiction, she has worked on twelve different series and edited nearly 100 books. Sara was born and raised in Washington, Indiana. She graduated from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and psychology, and later she earned a master’s degree in creative and life writing at Goldsmiths College, University of London. She lives in London.

mystery-at-the-ice-hotelChasing Danger: Mystery at the Ice Hotel 

After surviving a pirate attack in the tropics, teens Chase and Mackenzie escape to an exclusive resort in the Arctic Circle. But just after they arrive, suspicious accidents begin to occur. It seems like someone’s trying to scare away the guests. When the accidents turn deadly, it’s up to the girls to figure out whodunit … before they become the next victims.

This holiday’s going to be killer!