Favourite Things About Writing for Children by Emer Stamp

Emer Stamp

Emer Stamp is the author and illustrator of The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig. Emer grew up on a farm in Devon before training in graphic design and working for some of London’s top advertising agencies. She was the Creative Director for the Adam and Eve DDB communications agency, which creates advertisements for clients including John Lewis, Halifax, Cadbury’s and Save the Children. She lives in London.

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blog tour bannerTo celebrate the launch of The Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of Pig I would like welcome to Emer Stamp and thank her for stopping by and sharing her Favourite Things About Writing for Children!

1. Being able to let my childish imagination run wild. I am far more child than adult.

2. Inspiring children to read. There is nothing better than being told by a child or their parent that your book has inspired them to read more.

3. Getting to draw pictures as well as write words. I love writing. I love drawing. Being a children’s author/illustrator allows me to do both. AMAZING.

4. Getting to meet and talk to children. I love the chats I have with those I meet through book festivals and school talks. We have some of the most bonkers and brilliant conversations.

The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig (Pig Diary #1) by Emer Stamp

Summary: We love Pig , but Pig loves Farmer. After all, Farmer gives Pig yummy slops and special back scratches, and calls him Sausage and seems to love him more, the fatter he gets. Just as well Pig doesn’t speak any Farmer. But Duck does (Duck’s clever like that), and he’s determined his best friend should know the truth.

The Super Amazing Adventures of Me, Pig (Pig Diary #2) by Emer Stamp

Summary: The hilarious sequel to THE UNBELIEVABLE TOP SECRET DIARY OF PIG. Pig couldn’t be happier. Life with the vegetarian farmers is perfect, and he has a new friend, Kitty. Of course, Pig won’t believe she’s up to something until he’s eaten the entirety of the farmers’ prize crop and is half way to the pie factory.

The Seriously Extra Ordinary Diary of Pig (Pig Diary #3) by Emer Stamp

Summary: Pig 3: Pig, Duck, Cow and all the Sheeps are far away from their Farm and beloved Vegetarian Farmers. More fun, parps, slops and unbelievable adventure from this much-loved set of characters. Complete with illustrations throughout and printed in a unique diary format.

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