Character Interview with Beth Risk (Guest Post: Katie Mcgarry)

Dare Me To

Author Katie McGarry, stops by Bart’s Bookshelf today to chat with, Beth Risk, the star of Katie’s latest book, Dare You To.

This post is part of the blog tour for Dare Me To, organised by the publisher MiraInk.

Katie McGarry: You’re known for your tough as nails attitude and skater chick fashion sense. Do you have any personal role models/fashion icons you look up to?

Beth Risk: No. My fashion sense is mainly dictated by the amount of money in my non-bank account. Though I do have this love affair with one particular pair of jeans. They’re worn, fit tightly, and I love where each and every rip falls, but my Uncle Scott has banned me from wearing those outside of the house.

Katie McGarry: No matter how much trouble your mother gets herself into, you’re always there for her. If you could wave a magic wand and give her any one thing, what would it be?

Beth Risk: Selfish answer? I wish I could give her the ability to love me more. The way a mom should. With life turning out as it has, I realize that I deserve better than what I’ve received from her.

Katie McGarry: Noah and Isaiah have been amazing friends to you in Louisville. When you were a young girl, Lacy was your best friend. Is there anything you missed about having a girl best friend after you left Groveton?

Beth Risk: At first, no. Noah and Isaiah were everything that I needed so I wasn’t interested in any other type of friendship, but Lacy is different. Noah and Isaiah don’t talk about a lot of things, like emotions. And while I’m not real big on it either, sometimes it’s nice to have someone who’ll discuss more than cars.

Katie McGarry: Do you think you’ll ever become friends with Echo?

Beth Risk: Yes. No. Maybe. Probably. Noah loves her and she loves him. I understand that now. She scared me when she popped into the picture. I finally had a family with Noah and Isaiah and everything began to change when Noah fell for her. Echo and I will figure our crap out sooner or later since we both care for Noah.

Katie McGarry: What’s your favorite childhood memory of Scott?

Beth Risk: Playing baseball. He taught me how to throw and hit a ball. I stunk at it, but Scott didn’t care. I just liked spending time with him and I think he liked spending time with me as well.

Katie McGarry: Describe your first impression of Ryan in five words. 

Beth Risk: Jock, arrogant, hot, built, conceited.

Katie McGarry: If you had grown up in a house like Ryan’s, how would your life be different right now?

Beth Risk: It’s hard to imagine not growing up like I have. I guess I’d be more like Ryan or Lacy. You know, use a few less cuss words, possibly be nice to most people. Not question everyone’s motives as to why they’re talking to me or being nice. As hard as things have been, I’m happy with my road. I have people like Isaiah and Noah in my life. That’s not worth trading.

Katie McGarry: What would be your ideal date with Ryan?

Beth Risk: I love hanging out with Ryan near the pond at the back field of his father’s farm. We lie on the grass and stare at the sky for hours. I just like the feel of his body next to mine.

Katie McGarry: If you had to describe your experience moving to Groveton and meeting Ryan with one song, what would it be? 

Beth Risk: “F**kin’ Perfect” by P!nk is a great song for the overall experience. If I had to pick a song for Ryan and me, I’d say it’s “Broken Arrow” by Rod Stewart.