Carl’s Sci-Fi Experience

I can happily sign up to this one in the full knowledge that it is most certainly not another challenge! 😀

Carl describes it thus:

As I said last year, this is an experience and not a challenge. There are no reading lists, book requirements, etc. I do not argue about what is or is not considered ’science fiction’. Nothing about this two month period of science fiction celebration should cause anyone to feel obligated to participate…  

…This is simply a time to experience how exhilarating science fiction can be.

I’ve never really dipped my toes that much into reading Sci-Fi (certainly not in comparison to how much I enjoy similarly based TV and films anyway) and seeing as I have recently read and enjoyed Ender’s Game and hope to receive the sequel Speaker for the Dead, any day now  from bookmooch :D  So I’m going to be reading at least one anyway.

I’ve also been convinced to give John Scalzi a go, so hope to dig into Old Man’s War as well.

Another one that I’m certainly intending to read in ‘09 anyway so may push it up the reading list, is one of Iain M Bank’s sci-fi novels, I’ve read a number of his (and I use the phrase very lightly! ; ) “normal” novels and really liked them (particularly The Wasp Factory), so it’s about time I’d tried his other stuff as well.

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3 thoughts on “Carl’s Sci-Fi Experience

  • December 29 at 10:23 pm

    I hate you 😛 I’ve had Speaker for the Dead on my Bookmooch wishlist for ages and all I ever found was a copy from an inactive member .

    I’m the same as you…I haven’t read much sci-fi at all despite really enjoying movies and series. Time to amend that!

    Nymeth´s last blog post: Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

    • December 29 at 10:31 pm

      If it is any consolation, my mooch has to be sent yet 😉

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