Book Beginnings: Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen

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Book Beginnings on Friday is hosted by Rose City Reader. The idea is to share the first few lines of a book you have just started or are about to start and your initial thoughts on it.

Nettie Lonesome had two things in the world that were worth a sweet goddamn: her old boots, and her one-eyed mule, Blue. Neither item actually belonged to her. But then again, nothing did. Not even the whisper-thin blanket she lay under, pretending to be asleep and wishing the black mare would get out of the water trough before things went south.

The last fourteen years of Nettie’s life had passed in a shriveled corner of Durango territory under the leaking roof of this wind-chapped lean-to with Pap and Mam, not quite a slave, and nowhere close to something like a daughter…

The above, certainly sets up the world, and a bit of intrigue about Nettie’s life. Why is she not considered a daughter, by Map & Pap? What kind of life is she living? Quite a hard one, by the sound of it, in what seems is an aready hard part of the country…

About Wake of Vultures

Nettie Lonesome dreams of a greater life than toiling as a slave in the sandy desert. But when a stranger attacks her, Nettie wins more than the fight.

Now she’s got friends, a good horse, and a better gun. But if she can’t kill the thing haunting her nightmares and stealing children across the prairie, she’ll lose it all — and never find out what happened to her real family.

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