Monthly Archive: April 2011

readingroots 1

Reading Roots

Today, I am interviewed about my Reading Roots, by Carina @ Reading through life, if you want to know why telling a teacher off! Is one of my earliest ‘reading’ memories then, you should...

The Child Thief by Brom 5

The Child Thief by Brom [Review]

“There is always something else to lose…” Threatened by drug dealers who stalk his mother’s home, 14-year-old Nick is saved by a strange and compelling boy named Peter. Now this wild boy with flaming hair...

atoz 7

Weekly Geeks: A to Z of Favourite Authors

I just couldn’t resist this weeks Weekly Geek post! An excuse to post favourite author lists? What’s not to like?!   You know how when someone asks you who your favorite author is? And...

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