Mirrormask by Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean [Review]

Helena is about to embark on a most amazing journey.

Raised in a family of circus performers, she’s always dreamed of leading a more ordinary life. But when haunting music draws her into a strange and magical realm, one where anything can happen, her real life is stolen by a runaway from the other side. Helena must rescue the realm from chaos in order to win back her own not-so-ordinary life.

– Publisher’s Blurb

Well, as I said in my vlog yesterday, I got this one with a book voucher I received for my work’s Secret Santa. There were all sorts of books I could have picked, but I fancied a graphic novel, and when I flicked though this gorgeous looking book, it was an easy decision to make. (It helps of course I love Gamian and McKean’s work anyway.

The question is, was it the correct decision to make?… The answer is yes, with reservations. The book is a truly beautiful thing, with McKean’s fantastic artwork, and some brilliant layout.

The story is not terrible, in fact it’s quite good. But… You know how when you watch a film made from a movie, even if you’ve not read the book, you can sense some bits are missing, that you could really do with knowing? Well ‘mirror’ is true with this graphic novel of the film. There are just too many times when the flow of the story is disrupted by some part of the narrative going ‘missing’.

So, while there is much to like, I can’t my any means say this is my favourite thing Gaiman and McKean have done.

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