The Dead Boy Detectives by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Talbot & Steve Leialoho [Review]

Let’s be honest I picked this one up for the Dave Mckean covers first of all. ūüėČ The title pretty much guaranteed that I’d be reading it at some point.

Other than that I knew nothing about it, I recognised Bryan Talbot’s name of course, but nothing else.

Turns out The Dead Boy Detectives are¬†originally Neil Gaiman’s creation, part of his Sandman universe. You can read more about them in this wikipedia entry.

This one is written by Ed Brubaker, with art and inking by Bryan Talbot and Steve Leialoha.

But what about this story? It seems someone is killing the young homeless beneath London’s streets. Charles and Edward take on the case to hunt down the killer. Can the two friends solve the case, before an immortal madman hunts them down instead?

Playing at being detectives, they are seriously out of their depth, they may already be dead but as one of the characters says, there are things worse than death and the two of the will need every bit of help they can find.

I wasn’t blown away by it, but I did enjoy the by-play between Charles and Edwin which added a nice touch of lightness to all the¬†shrivelled¬†corpses and strange goings on. The mystery was well-played out, enough twists to keep things interesting, but also¬†familiar¬†enough that you don’t get lost.

All in all I enjoyed it, but I probably won’t be seeking out other works focusing on these two.

Buy: The Dead Boy Detectives by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Talbot & Steve Leialoho

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  1. Fyrefly says:

    The Dead Boy Detectives were never my favorite minor characters from Sandman, but I wanted to read this anyways, just for the sake of completeness… but my library doesn’t have it! Good to hear that I’m not missing out on anything too fantastic.

  2. Ladytink_534 says:

    It at least sounds like a cute idea. That’s a neat cover too.

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