The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness [Review]

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness People, people, people, why didn’t you make me read this book earlier? What, you did, you say? Oh right, my bad then…

Okay, okay, so I totally pinched my intro to this review from Chris’ review of the same book! 😉 But the sentiment stands!

This is everything a book should be, great concept, even better characters, constantly challenging and subverting your expectations, and it really should be called The Book of Never Letting Go, because once you start it is almost impossible to put down!

So, if you haven’t been around certain people on twitter recently, then you may not know what the book is about, so without me giving anything away (and believe me, you don’t want me to give anything away!) here is a brief synopsis.

Todd, is a thirteen-year-old boy, living in a small settlement called Prentisstown, in a place called New World. He’s the last ‘boy’ in his town (all the women, either disappeared or died not long after his birth). The tradition of his town, is that boys become men on their fourteenth birthday, and Todd is living a lonely experience as he waits out the final few weeks until his birthday.

A lonely experience that is, apart from the fact, that Todd (and indeed) every man in the village can hear the thoughts of every other man in the town. Every man. All the time. There is no escape from the ‘Noise’. Anywhere.

Apart from when, Todd out on an errand for Ben (one of his father figures) collecting some apples from an orchard just outside the town, he comes across something that should not exist. A quiet place, somewhere the ‘Noise’ does not penetrate.

And now, Todd and his dog Manchee, while not knowing why, must run for their lives. The town has been lying to Todd all his life, and will do anything to stop him from leaving.

And from this point on, every time you think you know what’s going on, Patrick Ness, drops another bombshell and before you can recover, changes up a gear and like Todd, you can rarely stop, to think, to work things out, you can only run.

I talked earlier about the characters, and they are nearly all excellent; we might only meet some of them for a few pages, or even for most of the book off the page, but they all leave an impression. Whether they are the characters that help Todd out or truly evil ones out to get him, you will scream, curse, or want to thank them!

Without saying too much, there is a sense of dread that permeates throughout the book, and it’s a sense of dread that is well placed. But that is all this reviewer is going to say about that 😉

Easily one of my favourite reads of the year.

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  1. Nymeth says:

    Yep…we DID tell you! Now run back to the bookshop and get The Ask and the Answer 😛
    .-= Nymeth´s last blog ..Three things…. =-.

    • Bart says:

      Got it on hold at the library already! 😀 In fact if it hadn’t been for the appalling weather when I got out of work I’d have collected it today. Going to pick it up on Monday night now, most likely. 😀

  2. Chris says:

    Seriously…the first thing I thought when I finished this book was..”why didn’t you make me read it soooooner??” Wasn’t it just amazing! Glad to hear that you have TA&TA on hold at the library! I plan on reading that one soon. In fact, I think I’ll be joining your challenge just for that book!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Bad Blogger Time!! =-.

  3. Jill says:

    I was just introduced to this book, and I know I’ve got to read it! Right now I can’t decide if it should be this one or Hunger Games. Thanks for the review.
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..7th Grade Saturdays =-.

  4. Kay says:

    And straight to the TBR pile this goes.

    Great review :)
    .-= Kay´s last blog ..Between Me and the River by Carrie Host =-.

  5. Kailana says:

    It was a great book! I had it out from the library a couple times before I got to read it. I hope to read the sequel in October…
    .-= Kailana´s last blog ..Another Year Older… =-.

  6. Jenny says:

    Glad you liked it! I hope you find The Ask and the Answer equally satisfying (I did). It’s very bleak…
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..Gaudy Night, Dorothy Sayers =-.

  7. Melody says:

    This book is high up on my TBR list! ;P
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Monday Memes =-.

  8. Alyce says:

    Everywhere I go I’ve been seeing great reviews for this book. I’ve already added it to my wish list, but am more eager than ever to read it now.
    .-= Alyce´s last blog ..The FTC Rules About Blogging and Disclosure =-.

  9. Joanne says:

    Awesome review! Another one to add to the astounding list of posts making me desperate to read this one – it’s totally on my Dystopian Challenge list!
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..How To Survive The PPP =-.

  10. Louise says:

    I loved this one as well. Amazing read. Jackie of Farm Lane Book Blog has a less than positive review and a great discussion going on at her place.
    .-= Louise´s last blog ..Can you see them? The widgets? =-.

  11. Kathy says:

    I’ve seen this book around but never really knew what it was about. It sounds fantastic! My wish list keeps growing longer and longer.

    • Bart says:

      It is excellent. Don’t you just love the blogosphere for what it can to to poor innocent wishlists and TBR piles!

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