The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Miller


“What the hell are you?” demanded the squirrel.

When a pair of fugitive Scottish thistle fairies end up transplanted to Manhattan by mistake, both the Big Apple and the Little People have a lot of adjusting to do.

Heather and Morag just want to start the first radical fairy punk rock band, but first they’ll have make a match between two highly unlikely sweethearts, start a street brawl between rival gangs of Italian, Chinese, and African fairies, help the ghost of a dead rocker track down his lost guitar, reclaim a rare triple-bloomed Welsh poppy from a bag lady with delusions of grandeur, disrupt a local community performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and somehow manage to stay sober enough to save all of New York from an invasion of evil Cornish fairies.

If they can stop feuding with each other, that is…

This one was an instant addition to the wishlist from the moment I read Chris’ review and seeing comments about it in reviews of Martin Millar’s latest novel Lonely Werewolf Girl, and after finally nabbing a copy and reading the first chapter. I decided I was in store for a treat.

And I’d like to say I was right, I really would, because all the elements were there for a book I’d enjoy, irreverent humour, fun zippy dialogue, some great likeable characters.

But for me, something just did not gel in the way I was hoping it would, don’t get me wrong I still enjoyed the book (and I’ll likely give Lonely Werewolf Girl a go at some point), just not as much as I was hoping I would.

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Bart, is a fully signed up member of Book Addicts Anonymous ;) Despite, constantly fighting a losing battle against his T.B.R pile, he is never happier than when he manages to sneak a new book in to the house! Darren can be found on Twitter & Google+ amongst other places!

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10 Responses

  1. Valentina says:

    oh that’s a shame, I’m actually expecting to love this, so we’ll see!

    Valentina´s last blog post: Picture Book Monday Special : Christmas (Part II)

  2. Chris says:

    Sorry it didn’t have that same kick for you Bart. I went into it expecting something totally different, but still really enjoyed it. It is a lot going on though!

    Chris´s last blog post: Mailbox Monday

  3. Veens says:

    well, I recently found out that I don’t really want to read this kind of books :(
    I am in a “Classic” mood i guess ‘)

    Veens´s last blog post: King’s Fool By Margaret Campbell Barnes

  4. I’ve been away for a while and stop by to find you have a whole new look – love what you’ve done to the site :)

    I have this book on my wishlist and have heard great things – maybe I’ll lower my expectations and hope to enjoy it!

    Oh and I still have that book to post to you – sorry for being flakey!

    Clare Swindlehurst´s last blog post: Aside | Christmas Gift Ideas for the Twilight Fan

    • Bart says:

      Yeah, there were a couple of niggles with the last look I just didn’t like, so ended up changing again!

      No worries with the book, whenever is cool!

    • Bart says:

      I think that was my major problem with the book I was expecting to like it too much, still, I did enjoy it, so not all was lost. :)

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