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The Book

I’ve not managed to take part in the R.I.P challenge this year, but as today is Halloween, I thought I’d share a drabble I wrote for Carl’s Tiny Stories contest, back during R.I.P III in 2008 (while ignoring the fact that it was six years ago!)

Should you ever come across an abandoned book in that special little cafe you love, you may want to think twice about picking it up…

IMG_0136-0.JPG 2

Back To Black (And Many Coloured Splatters…)

So I thought I’d talk about something other than books today. It wasn’t meant to be a follow up to a previous, as I had forgotten I’d written it! But it turns out that while this one does cover some of the same themes it hopefully expands on them somewhat. ;) Happens when you blog for a few years I suppose, and after a weak blogging year, I wasn’t going to turn any inspiration down!

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