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Twitter Lists 4

Sorting Out The Mess That Was My Twitter Lists

So, this post is mostly for my own reference when I need to do it again. But hopefully some of you might find it useful as well. I’ve been on Twitter for a few years now and sorta-used lists to help me follow everyones updates, but I only half-heartedly set them up in the first place, and haven’t really kept on to top of them.

Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed 0

Giveaway: Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed by Michael Rosen

So, I’ve received some unsolicited review copies recently that I just know I’m going to get around to reading it and reviewing, and even though I try to talk about them on Instagram or Twitter, I don’t always manage it and I certainly don’t want the publisher’s kindness to go to waste.